This is a very early prototype to try to get feedback to see if there are any major problems that I should address now before I continue further development. The levels here are not finalised level layouts they are just to demonstrate the various mechanics. There is no audio yet. Keyboard controls are not final I'm not sure if I have chosen the correct keys. It's really better suited to a controller


Move with left analogue stick or A and D keys

Jump a button on xbox controller or space

whip with x button or J key

pickup and throw blocks with y button or K key

drop block using b button or L key

walljump by pressing direction towards the wall and pressing jump at the same time

blocks that look like this with red or blue hue can be picked up and thrown to use as either platforms or to kill enemies. They can be stacked on top of each other to reach higher platforms

this is a cannon. You pick it up the same as the blocks and while holding it press the whip button to shoot cannon balls

this is a heliblock. Pick it up and while carrying hold down the whip button to fly

whip buds to start swinging then press jump at the appropriate time to fly off.

this enemy can't be killed using the whip. You can stand on top of it and throw it like a block. The other enemies can't be stood on.

There are other mechanics which I don't explain above. I am checking to see if they need explaining. They're fairly simple puzzles that I hope people can figure out.


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It was a fun experience. The visuals were interesting, and I liked certain mechanics, like the heliblock. The swinging section was the hardest part for me, but I made it to the end.