A downloadable game for Windows

Ancient game made in 2002 I think.Coded in C++ with opengl. Based on 'Chuckie Egg'. You are presented with a screen filled with platforms, ladders and evil ducks, the aim of the game being to collect all of the eggs (which are white circles) and drop them in the basket. You can only carry 3 eggs at a time before you must drop them in the basket in order to collect more. Once there are no more eggs to collect you move on to the next level. There are six levels in total . Bugs: for some reason I cannot fathom the game character sometimes jump different heights. I have no idea why this is.


Right arrow = move right; Left arrow = move left; space bar = jump; left control = shoot (when you are carrying a gun).

Install instructions

unzip all files into the same directory


basket.zip 537 kB