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Using her powers of unaccountable anonymity masked vigilante Lizard Lady is out to wipe out the notorious cat gang once and for all.

Also Including LIzard Lady vs Herself:

Wracked with guilt after succumbing to her genocidal side in Lizard Lady vs the Cats, Lizard Lady finds herself trapped within her own psyche battling manifestations of her conscience in a never ending fight for  survival.

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorThe Voices Games
Made withUnity, Blender
Tagsbatman, Cats, Comics, Fast-Paced, Female Protagonist, high-heels, lizard, scales, Superhero, Third-Person Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes


Get this game and 12 more for $2.00 USD
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Never have I ever considered the possibility, of asking myself, why do I play video games. Why do I play them. I gain no satisfaction, no artistic prowess in my pursuit of completing my backlog. It is an endless, ever growing list of chores that the only way to beat is to throw it all away. But alas, the cycle of life cannot be stopped. The march of time crushes us beneath its boots, enjoying our short lives while we can. I see my steam friends list. I see a friend Playing Rainbow Six Siege, a game I know many are addicted to, a game that many love, many hate, but I never have played, and likely never will. We all have our parts to play in this theater of existence, and I hope that the creator of this game knows that as well. Too bad the sound design fucking sucks


reminded me that mortality is actually a good thing!

I've never enjoyed a game that hurt my eyes so much


(1 edit)

Absolutely bizarre game with an equally bizarre premise and deep fried visuals! Honestly pretty fun though! Thanks for making this!


Thanks for this... All I needed to see without DL'ing the game. *oof*


this made me physically ill



Me: I wonder if this dev made "Lady in a Leotard with a Gun"


it's missing screen flashes and shakes lol


The eyestrain helps Lizard Lady maintain her anonymity.


are you aware that purposeful eyestrain isnt an artstyle


you could argue that it is, on the other hand its straining my eyes


lol what