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Title image by @davebutterbunn on Instagram

Fly your trusty aeroplane down tunnels dodging obstacles and shooting enemies.

How to play (pc - requires controller)

To play using xbox controller:

Tilt left and right and roll forwards and backwards using left analogue stick

Strafe left and right using the triggers

Speed boost using right bumper

Shoot using the A button. Shooting doesn't become available until the 4th level so until then the A button does nothing.

How to play (android):

Control the plane by tilting your phone or tablet, left and right to bank to the sides and forwards and backwards to tilt up and down. Just below plane on the screen is the gyroscope. Keep the line horizontal to move in a straight line, if it's at an angle you will be rotating in that direction.
There are onscreen buttons for strafing left and right, speed boosting and shooting. These are all labelled.


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tunnelflyer.zip 15 MB
tunnelflyer.apk 24 MB

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